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Learn what many of the nation’s top wireless companies already know—Intersect’s integrated panel solutions save money and offer installation ease. Intersect’s first products reduced expense--installation costs as well as purchasing and warehousing--and wall space requirements by combining multiple components into one Service Entrance electrical distribution cabinet. With this introductory cabinet series, Intersect clients enjoyed greater reliability from manufactured assemblies with top-class components and world-class alliance partners. Intersect is a Women Owned Business Enterprise founded in 2001 with more than fifteen years of innovative experience in integrated solutions.

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What’s behind the doors of Intersect’s panels could be saving you big money.

Software communications capabilities are among the most recent additions to Intersect’s integrated telecommunications power cabinets: Modbus and SNMP connectivity features provide benefits for remote monitoring and alarms. These features are available with the automatic transfer switch series in both indoor and outdoor panel designs. Manual transfer switch series utilize power monitoring and easy-to-wire relay contacts. Service entrance rated panels range from 9" pole-mounted micro panels to double-door outdoor solutions. Additional panel offerings include Telco, Safety, CamLok generator connection panels, and Surge Protection Devices. The locking—pad-lockable whether or not connected to an engine generator set—CamLok panels protect personnel and equipment. Optional surge protection insures that lightning or other power surges do not harm or destroy sensitive electronic circuitry.

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Commercial & Residential

Commercial & Residential

As the need for alternative power sources increases, home and business owners must rely upon switching from the utility grid to an engine generator set or other alternative power source. Automatic and manual integrated panel switches insure that your power remains "on" even when normal or utility grid power is "off." Why suffer losses or risks unnecessarily? When your cash registers cease to operate, your lights are off, or your family or customers choose to exit the premises rather than remain in a safely lit, "powered up" environment, it costs you money and peace of mind. Isn’t it time to consider an investment with a one-time cost—including estimated installation expenses--of less than $10,000 rather than to lose business or your home electronics for hours or days due to a power outage caused by a storm, damaged utility transformer, or other natural, accidental or targeted disaster.

More Construction Options
Custom Designs for Oil, Gas, Transportation and Other Industries

Custom Designs for Oil, Gas, Transportation and Other Industries

Everything stops when the power is out. Design a system with easy connection (and shut down for repairing or replacing equipment) to the utility grid or an alternative power source. Specify integrated cabinets with factory-matched and factory-wired components (main disconnect breakers, load center and optional communications modules, transfer switch(es), and surge protection) rather than purchasing separate "parts and pieces" for field installations with additional cost and potential delays in delivery. Combine multiple boxes into one factory-assembled panel rather than field wiring them with nipple connectors and/or conduits.

If the solution for your requirements requires a new Intersect design, please don’t hesitate to request our assistance.

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